In the past day, you met someone. His appearance teaches you what is called, his appearance tells you what is reassurance, and his appearance makes you realize what is carefree. Silly child, one day in the past, someone said to you in your ear: I love you. He will tell you that he will give you happiness in the future. He will say to you, don't think about anything, everything has me to think about. He will also say, I will walk with you hand in hand, and we will witness the happiness. That's what you do. Hold on. Yes. Until one day, where you stand, you are alone. Silly boy, he is. It's not blindfold, it's not a joke, it's not an illusion, it's just that he really left. Silly boy, No. Waiting, no result, no meaning, will only make a continuous appearance. Silly child, your happiness comes so easily, because you just need to believe him, simply look at what he has done for you, maybe it's just a little trivial matter, but also make your heart full of happiness. Silly child, happiness used up, do not throw away, only left and lonely. Silly child, happiness used up, do not throw away, only left and lonely. Silly child, you can be silly, but you can't let go. Let go, not let go, but forget the happiness he gave you from the heart. Forget the happiness you promised, the memory of your laughter, or even the fact that you knew him. Silly boy, he's gone and won't come back. He and you are two worlds. You are the characters in two plays, there is no reason to be together. Silly boy, you will have you MR.right How can you bear to let him wait so long when he waits for you in the world where you should exist? He left, he is not your prince, why to look at his back silly tears, but let your real prince behind you? Silly child, you have to be ruthless to delete all his, phone, QQ, Feixin, everything, because you are already parallel lines, there is no possibility of interlacing. Why can't you let go of the past? Look, you can't walk to the future, you can't dust it in your heart, you can't accept the happiness that belongs to you. Silly child, there is no prince or Cinderella in the world. Maybe you will meet them, but that just means you will. He is just a passer-by who has no intention of breaking into your world. Silly child, passers-by is doomed not to stay, why do you force?